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 Redwood Naturals Raw Mountain Honey - Farm fresh honey

California Raw Honey, Mountain Honey, Wild Flower honey   Redwood Naturals is the Premier GOURMET Raw Honey
                        of Northern California
           We Offer Farm Fresh California Mountain Honey 
      Naturally collected from the Pristine Redwood Forests
Bonny Doon, Ca


  Wild California * High Quality * Never Heated * Never Filtered  
raw black forest honey honeydew honey, gourmet honey    Bonny Doon Map Bonny Doon Honey
Our Delicious Raw Honey is hand poured in Small batches from Hive to Jar
                                                  Since 1998!                                              

Please REQUEST us at your Grocery store, you can FIND US at:
gourmet honey, raw honey, sage honey, mountain honey      NEW LEAF MARKETS - Bay Area
           throughout Santa Cruz, San Jose
           & Half Moon Bay, CA
      STAFF OF LIFE Grocery - Santa Cruz
       Raw honey

 Rarest Varietal Honey is Black Forest Honey & is always limited
               Black Forest California HoneyRaw Black Honey - Forest Honey  (aka Honeydew Honey)

OUR 2014 Early Spring Harvest is HERE!
Our current 2014 FOREST HONEY is lighter and more red compared to Summer Harvests - Same great taste & still highest in aminos & nutrients
       Raw California honey         Black Forest Honey, Honeydew honey, Tree honey

redwood naturals honey

Today's Specials

Forest Honey, black honey
2 Bottles of Raw Honey - BLACK FOREST & WILD FLOWER Honey
Price: $26.00
2 Bottles of Raw Honey - BLACK FOREST & WILD FLOWER Honey
BEST SELLERS!!! Black Forest Honey & Wild Flower Honey Delicious and so different from each other!
USA California Honey
4 PACK Raw Honey - 1 FOREST Honey, 1 SAGE Honey & 2 Wild Flower Honeys
Price: $38.50
4 PACK Raw Honey - 1 FOREST Honey, 1 SAGE Honey & 2 Wild Flower Honeys
4 PACK Raw Honey - 1 FOREST Honey, 1 SAGE Honey & 2 Wild Flower Honeys - GREAT VALUE AND DISCOUNTED SHIPPING!
Bonny Doon Black Honey
ALL 5 Raw Honeys - Variety Pack *BEST VALUE!
Price: $46.00
ALL 5 Raw Honeys - Variety Pack *BEST VALUE!
5 DELICIOUS RAW Honeys - FOREST * Sage * Wild Flower * Buckwheat * Blackberry *BEST VALUE with DISCOUNTED SHIPPING $7.75 - LIMITED TIME OFFER
California Tree Honey
RAW Black Forest Honey (aka) Honeydew Honey
MSRP: $28.00
Price: $19.50
You Save: $8.50 (30 %)
RAW Black Forest Honey (aka) Honeydew Honey
RAW Black Forest Honey - (aka) Honeydew Honey Unique from all other honey varieties since it is Tree Honey, This honey is very similar to Manuka Honey Fresh NEW Harvest!
Raw Blackberry Honey
Raw Blackberry Honey
Price: $11.25
Raw Blackberry Honey
Gourmet Raw Blackberry Honey
Sage Honey
RAW Mountain Sage Honey
Price: $12.50
RAW Mountain Sage Honey
Delicious RAW Sage Honey
USA California Honey
RAW Mountain Wild Flower Honey
Price: $9.50
RAW Mountain Wild Flower Honey
Gourmet Raw Wild Flower Honey
Raw Buckwheat Honey
RAW Naked Buckwheat Honey
Price: $9.50
RAW Naked Buckwheat Honey
Gourmet Raw Naked Buckwheat Honey
Raw Wild Flower Honey with Honeycomb
MSRP: $21.00
Price: $16.50
You Save: $4.50 (21 %)
Raw Wild Flower Honey with Honeycomb
Raw Wild Flower Honey with Natural Honeycomb 4.5 inch square lucite container

  raw honey, black honey, forest honey

   Our Family owned, natural Bee farm 
is located on top of an isolated,  high elevation ridge far from roads, agriculture pollution making our Mountain Honey 
              PURE, CLEAN & HEALTHY  
Our Beeswax is high quality & great for Candlemaking & Encaustics

                                            HONEY FACTS                                        
Gourmet Honey, Raw Gourmet honey, Mountain Honey, raw sage honey

Supermarket Honey is Heated to allow
bottlers to fill jars quickly 
Be aware that Honey can
be labelled UNHEATED if it is heated below 110°F
This process seriously

*Degrades the quality & taste of the Honey
*Negatively affecting its beneficial qualities

*Permanently changing its color & consistency
Heating honey to 99°F causes the loss of nearly 
200 componentsmost being antibacterial


According to the USDA, USA Honey cannot be Certified ORGANIC -
Their logic being that you cannot control where bees fly off to & where they feed

ORGANIC Honey on your USA Grocery shelves is Imported from foreign sources

Foreign Honey from ANY other Country can obtain our USDA ORGANIC seal - on the honor system at our border
USDA Certified ORGANIC Honeys mainly originate from known AIR POLLUTION offenders, typically poorer nations having less regulations for pesticides, fertilizers and air emissions.
These Bees  LIVE in Pollution and gather pollen & water from polluted fields, streams & industrial waste water

of HIGH Fructose Corn Syrup to increase honey productivity.  THIS IS not regulated
and it is very unhealthy to consume Honey from corn syrup sources
Honey imported from places where people wear Gas masks outdoors can be labeled USDA Organic
                                       READ YOUR LABELS!
        USA Organic honey  


TIME MAGAZINE published this fascinating article: FRENCH BEES Drink local M&M factory's Waste Water
•The French are BIG Honey producers/consumers and they became quite nervous
      when bees started producing BLUE honey.  
•After launching a full investigation, they determined bees were drinking from
      uncovered, dyed candy waste water nearby
•The French Food authority condemned Blue Honey as tainted, destroyed it all,
      and forced the factory to install safety features preventing foraging bees. 
♦This type of hard core Food Enforcement does not happen in many countries
                                Click for TIME Magazine : French Bees Produce Blue Honey 
QUESTION - WOULD THE FRENCH launch an investigation if the tainted water did not dye the honey blue?
ANSWER   - NO, Food agencies do not LAB TEST Honey
                        If the contaminant does not alter the appearance it will go undetected

SCARY BUT TRUE: According to our USDA representative, although it is a FARMED product,
                                     HONEY has no clear definition and some Honey brands are 100% flavored Corn Syrup
Raw Mountain Honey, Forest honey, black honey, sage honey, redwood honey, bonny doon honey
We are as Organic as any US Honey can truly be
We DO NOT use pesticides or use medications
We are located on an ISOLATED Mountain, these bees work hard

We do not use ANY Heating Methods

e fill each bottle by hand, it does take more time
but the quality & taste are Superior making
it worth the extra time & effort on our part

         SAVE Time & Money when you
                  BUY Directly from your
 USA Farmer

Bonny Doon Map

    Honey can never be Fresher!      

You are what you eat....  

in this case your HONEY is what your Bee Eats .. 

 If Bees LIVE in Pollution they cannot Create clean products 

Raw Forest Honey, tree honey, honeydew honey

Our Black Forest Honey comes from USA Tree Sap 

 Similar to MANUKA HONEY from New Zealand's Trees
 Forest Honey is Extremely Rare & Unique even for this Region
Our Bees are high flying & have an abundance of Tree Sap available
       Black Honey is the Healthiest of all HONEYS  
BLACK Honey contains the HIGHEST amount of Amino Acids and Anti-Oxidants while having the lowest
sugar content


..           ............

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raw honey, bonny doon honey, santa cruz honey, black honey

raw sage honey, California sage honey, California black honey